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Goiko Grill gets a grip on its delivery management with Deliverect

At Goiko Grill, they live and breathe burgers. What’s the secret of this Spanish family-owned business? High-quality ingredients and offering their guests – not “customers”! – a special and memorable experience. As the ultimate comfort food, a burger from Goiko Grill should satisfy you, body and soul.

Everything under control with Deliverect

Goiko GrillWith multiple partners delivering their burgers across town in several Spanish cities, keeping tabs on everything wasn’t always easy. Luckily, Deliverect changed that. “We gained control over our deliveries, our menu management and our reporting. Using the Deliverect platform, we can manage everything from a single interface, greatly improving our efficiency,” Andrés Luzón, project coordinator at Goiko Grill, explains. “What’s more, we can easily go back and check our order history, as everything is recorded. It’s simple to filter orders by date, type, delivery partner, locations, etc. That makes it a great source of business intelligence as well.”


Minimal room for human error

In addition to providing valuable information, Deliverect also minimizes the potential for mistakes. Andrés: “Because Deliverect integrates directly with our POS platform, we no longer have to manually enter every order we receive into the POS. We can simply send it through to the kitchen with the press of a button, saving us a lot of time and reducing the risk of omitting order details or passing on the wrong order.”

How Deliverect helps Goiko Grill with delivery management

  • All deliveries displayed in one clear overview
  • Error reduction thanks to third-party platform integration in the restaurant POS
  • Greater focus on delivering a top customer experience

“We love Deliverect’s solution, but we love their customer service even more. They don’t just listen, they actually adapt their system to make it work better for us.” 

Goiko Grill

Andrés Luzón, project coordinator at Goiko Grill

Suggestions lead to tailored features

In short: at Goiko Grill, they’re thrilled about Deliverect. “We’re truly pleased with the solution, which is extremely important to our business, but the service Deliverect provides matters even more,” Andrés explains. “Their team is very open to suggestions for improvement from their customers. They don’t just listen to us; they actually develop and adapt their system to make it work better for us based on our suggestions. For us, that’s a major reason to work with Deliverect.”

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