What our customers say about us


Find out what some of our customers have to say about working with Deliverect.
Spoiler alert: they’re over the moon 🌙

US / Dark kitchen

"Deliverect has given us the best solution we’ve seen by far in terms of easy processing of orders, efficient processing, and also cooking and hand-off is all recorded."

Tonkotsu London
UK / Restaurant chain

"Deliverect has helped us speed up the order process, work better with the delivery partners, and have all of our orders from delivery in one place.”

Ramen Isshin
Canada / Restaurant chain

“Before using the Deliverect app, we had to type in every single order by hand. We had at least 10 errors today from punching in orders by hand."

Maize Blaze Camden
UK / Restaurant chain

“Since I integrated Square and Deliverect, I’m able to see all our online orders in one place. It just makes my job a lot easier.”

UK / Restaurant chain

"Deliverect has enabled Wingmans to keep up with orders without having to spend more on staffing, thereby increasing revenue without compromising on tight margins."

Canada / Restaurant chain

"Deliverect has increased our efficiency and the integration makes it so we’re able to take probably 10 times the orders we’d be able to without it."

UK / Restaurant chain

“After integrating with Deliverect, our menu push is now seamless. We are able to update menu items, prices, titles of menus, order availability, and item availability in an instant.”

Belgium / Restaurant chain

"Our revenue has grown significantly since we've partnered with both Deliverect and the different food delivery platforms."

Distrito Ceviche food 1
Spain / Restaurant chain

"For Distrito Ceviche, Deliverect stands for agility, commitment, and time gains."

Worldwide / Restaurant chain

"We believe that this partnership will allow us to focus on our core, which is serving the customer with the best chicken in the world, while we leave the technical aspects to the experts at Deliverect."

Pizza Beppe
The Netherlands / Restaurant chain

"Deliverect helped us streamline our online ordering channels so we can ensure a consistent user experience throughout."

Otomat Ghent
Belgium / Restaurant chain

"Our people can focus again on what really matters: making our pizzas perfect and communicating with drivers and customers."

BMK Paris
France / Restaurant chain

"Now that we are on board with Deliverect, we have only one tool that allows us to consolidate everything, and which saves us a considerable amount of time."

Ellis Gourmet Burger
Belgium / Restaurant chain

"Deliverect has given us more room to breathe. We no longer have to refer to different tablets, because every order is sent straight to our point-of-sale system."

Le Fitzgerald
France / Single restaurant

"Our Click & Collect page helped us showcase our restaurant. Uploading photos and adjusting the menu is really easy, so you can make changes instantly."

Pizzabakkers 2_1
The Netherlands / Restaurant chain

"The Deliverect customer service is extremely helpful, responsive, and solves problems right away."

JuiceBrothers 1
The Netherlands / Restaurant chain

"We now need only one interface to manage all our delivery orders. That saves us a lot of time and effort."

Yolks 2
Canada / Restaurant chain

"The integration has lessened the workload of our staff, allowing them to spend more time at tables with our in-house guests.”

Green House
UK / Dark kitchen

"The integration with our POS resulted in less manual work and clearer reporting, which in turn creates better decision making."

Evas chimney cones 2
Canada / Restaurant chain

"Deliverect is proactively checking our business, and keeping an eye out. That’s next-level customer service!"

Canada / Restaurant chain

"Deliverect allows our employees to focus on food quality and order precision instead of managing the POS.”

Poutineville offer
Canada / Restaurant chain

"By taking out the person punching in orders, we are saving a lot of time and manpower, and limiting errors.”

Canada / Restaurant chain

"Before, we were punching in orders, rushing and double checking for mistakes. With Deliverect, we save time, manpower and labor, while simultaneously simplifying things.”

Gloria lasagna by Casper
Belgium / Dark kitchen

"There was no doubt in our minds that Casper was going to go with Deliverect. We wanted the orders to go directly to the kitchen display system, and our team to be able to focus on the food and delivery prep."

Atomic Bao by Click&Savour
France / Dark kitchen

“Without Deliverect, we wouldn’t have started the business! It just wasn’t an option to start working with dozens of tablets or to launch multiple brands without having an efficient way to do so.”

France / Single restaurant

"Deliverect helps us reduce the time we spend on preparing orders, so we have more time to deal with getting delivery exactly right!"

Unilever's Ben & Jerry's
Wordlwide / FMCG

"Being on board with Deliverect allows us to scale directly to consumer operations within a streamlined back-office IT architecture."

Sushi Yakuza
Spain / Restaurant chain

"We love how Deliverect helps our restaurant to make our services more agile for both the customer and the business."

Redemption Bar
UK / Restaurant chain

"The key feature for us is the menu builder. We love the ability to quickly go in and change menus. Changes are instantly visible."

The Netherlands / Restaurant chain

"We were working with all these different tablets and printers, which wasn’t straightforward at all. Deliverect provided an easy solution."

Oliver Green
The Netherlands / Single restaurant

"We’ve been enjoying the menu builder in particular, pushing our menu on Uber Eats live and adjusting it as we go along."

Belgium / Restaurant chain

"Thanks to Deliverect, we were able to eliminate additional - and therefore inconvenient - processes in our operational flow."

The Netherlands / Restaurant chain

"For us, Deliverect’s strength lies in its simplicity: our order flow has been streamlined and we no longer have to blindly guess delivery time."

Mambo Italia
Kenya / Restaurant chain

"There now is a single point of control where you can update content, set availability and opening hours. We couldn’t have launched multiple locations and dark kitchens without Deliverect!”

The Netherlands / Restaurant chain

"We no longer need to punch in orders by hand, which is how mistakes were made most of the time. We’ve found peace of mind again.”

Brigade Pizza
Canada / Restaurant chain

"Deliverect has improved our efficiency and reduced mistakes in delivery orders, boosting our customer satisfaction, which in turn will increase our orders.”

Sugo Pizza
The Netherlands / Restaurant chain

"Teaming up with Deliverect solved our biggest pain point: working with real-time data. Our delivery revenue flow is now linked to our POS, so we have an overview of how we did and what we sold that day."

Matcha Mafia
The Netherlands / Single restaurant

"Every day, I get a report on our sales. It gives me an overview of our revenue and how much comes from each delivery platform and from our in-store retail."

Poule & Poulette
Belgium / Restaurant chain

"Deliverect allows us to monitor kitchen efficiency and analyze our delivery operation - something which was almost impossible in the past."

The Regency Club
UK / Single restaurant

"The integration reduces time as well as mistakes, which improves the user experience of our customers.”

UK / Restaurant chain

“The manual process of having to key in all the orders increased labor and often led to mistakes. After signing up with Deliverect, we were able to streamline that process."

Hanai by Food Haven
Spain / Dark kitchen

“Thanks to our partnership with Deliverect, we are able to decrease the likelihood of human error that would result from working with several different softwares and tablets.”

It's All Greek To Me
UK / Single restaurant

"Deliverect helped us connect our delivery channels to our POS system, so we can now easily update our live inventory and gain insights on our best sellers."

United Arab Emirates / Dark kitchen

“The solution makes the delivery management process efficient, reliable and automated, adding a huge amount of value to our service model.”

Belgium / Restaurant chain

"We have more time and energy to connect with our customers"

Lucy Chang
Belgium / Restaurant chain

"The key benefit for us is peace in front of the house and in the back office"

Absurd Bird
UK / Restaurant chain

"Absurd Bird boosted time of delivery and ratings, leading to higher visibility on the Uber Eats app"

Thunderbird Fried Chicken
UK / Restaurant chain

"Deliverect frees us up from the burden of entering incoming tickets into the till. Instead, we focus on great food and perfect timing and the orders automatically go straight into the kitchens."

Salsa Shop
The Netherlands / Restaurant chain

"All orders from Uber Eats, Thuisbezorgd or Deliveroo are managed centrally"

Bar Jan Cremer
Belgium / Single restaurant

"According to the law, I wasn’t VAT compliant. Deliverect solved this issue and I don’t have to worry about this anymore.”