ICYM, two weeks ago we announced our latest round of funding totalling $65 million in Series C. As we embark on this new journey, we’re thinking about how we are continuing to shape Deliverect as a people-first business.


An exciting place to be


From the very start, our goal has been to help facilitate delivering the first burger to the moon, and so we’re making a pretty bold play across the entire food tech industry - an already exciting space to be in.

While we’re dedicating some of our recent funding to product development, we’re also making sure to invest in nurturing our existing team members; and also say hello to any new ‘astronauts’ that may come our way!

This has never been more important than now, as many restaurants and dine-in services across the globe are only now beginning to re-open. We’re committed to helping enable growth and empower control for our customers.


Culture from our head to our feet


People are truly important to the work we do as a brand and we wouldn’t be where we are today without every single person involved in helping restaurateurs around the world rapidly pivot to online delivery and ordering. 

It takes a lot of work to get to the moon, which means we’re expanding faster than the universe 🌎! Since April 2020, our team of 50 astronauts, spread across Ghent, London, Madrid, Toronto and New York, has more than quadrupled to 200-strong and has since expanded into Dubai, Paris, Edinburgh, Mexico City and Amersfoort (Netherlands).

As a company, we strongly believe that stars are made to sparkle - which is why we’ve created a business centred around openness and transparency. We’re always 100% transparent, so everyone on our team is able to learn how to create a successful start-up (including the highs and lows that come with it!).


All new employees have an extensive onboarding program that includes sessions with the founding team, so everyone can get to know our founders, hear their story and ask them questions. We’re not big on hierarchy so our company structure is relatively flat - we also organise sessions about our way of working, feedback workshops, and welcome sessions with all the different teams as part of the onboarding for new joiners. During these sessions, we stress the importance of Deliverect not being a vertical organisation where everything happens top-down, but that everyone can take ownership, initiative, and feel empowered. This doesn’t just help us scale efficiently, it also helps us strategically handle any issues that arise and encourages innovation at any level.

Our team members have always consisted of a combination of remote vs office-based work, so from the beginning we’ve always been incredibly focused on team building and bonding exercises.


graphical user interface, application

Now that we’re all working from the home due to varying covid-19 restrictions globally, we’ve rolled out a calendar full of exciting virtual events and activities which will continue (hopefully in person) once the world returns to normal - such as: battle of the DJ’s, zenvember, sharing the love in February, and rocket ship of horrors as we celebrated Halloween. We have welcomed a selection of motivational speakers, and our astronauts have received various perk boxes to celebrate and show appreciation of everyone’s hardwork. Some of our other great benefits / perks include a MacBook as your work gear, swags, top-tier health insurance, daily meal vouchers , and amazing working environments in various locations.


We recently invested in new tools and technology for learning and training, which includes an e-learning platform that allows us to remotely train and upskill our team to support our fast growth, as well as a doc-sharing platform that enables our team to collaborate more effectively, and an all-in-one HR software program that helps team leaders manage more effectively and support their team members in their career development.


Innovative thinking and sharing ideas openly is what builds an environment where team members feel empowered, which is why we hold our employees’ needs close to our hearts. We’ve done our best to foster a collaborative environment allowing the whole team to reach their fullest potential. 


We may be a young company, but we’ve got a whole lot of soul


In order to truly adopt a people-first business, we need to make sure as an employer and an innovative industry leader that we consider and recognise D,E&I in every respect.

Not just retrospectively, but making sure it is woven into the foundation of our organisation from day one, and that we are continuously doing all that we can to promote a workplace environment where everyone feels included.

For instance, there’s a significant gender gap in our sector – with only 3% of women choosing a career in technology as their first choice compared to 33% of men. So for International Women’s Day in March, we conducted a ‘5 minutes With’ series on our blog showcasing some of the superstar women within our business.

IWD (2)

And we didn’t stop there - our IWD celebration went far beyond a single day - we created custom made t-shirts which featured IWD’s theme for 2021 #Choosetochallenge to help promote conversation. We also encouraged all employees to attend external seminars.

Deliverect has always been, and will always be a people-first company. Without the hard work of our team members, we simply could not provide services to customers. Our employees see each other as friends, not just co-workers. Teamwork, open communication and celebrating success are all crucial building blocks of our company culture.

P.S.. If this all sounds like your kind of working style, why not check out our careers page here. We’d be over the moon to have you! 🌚🌝

Jennifer Gardner
May 6, 2021 by Jennifer Gardner

Head of People at Deliverect