Our previous infographic showed that the average delivery consumer is between 25 and 34 years old, ordering mostly on Fridays and weekends, because they don't feel like cooking. We unveiled some of the customers' biggest frustrations and most common motivations to pick one delivery service provider over the other. After these general statistics about the global food industry and its average consumer, it's now time to zoom in on the US and European markets.  

Topics discussed in this infographic are the main considerations when ordering food online, the most popular food items ordered for delivery in the US and the UK in 2018, and key figures about the future of cloud kitchens, the plant-based meat and organic food industries.

You'll also find out which American cities have been spending the most on online food ordering in the past year and which 5 countries in Europe are generating the most revenue - and which third-party delivery platforms are dominating these top markets.

And finally, you can read up on a few remarkable ordering habits, such as the methods that are mostly used to order food for delivery.    


Infographic on food delivery in the US and Europe


December 5, 2019 by Deliverect

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