Since its inception in 2013, DoorDash has become one of the biggest players in on-demand food delivery in the United States. The American food delivery service is currently available in over 850 cities across America, Canada and Australia, and has one of the largest market shares in the US food delivery industry. 

Since 2019, DoorDash also includes the Caviar online ordering platform, which specializes in delivery from upscale urban restaurants that typically do not offer delivery services. In the same year, DoorDash also opened its first ghost kitchen, DoorDash Kitchen, which rents out space to restaurants in the area. In 2020, DoorDash went public.

The below guide will give you all the information you need if you want to market your restaurant on the DoorDash marketplace. 


How does DoorDash work?


Customers browse your restaurant’s menu and place their order via the DoorDash app or website, after which the platform assigns the order to ‘Dashers’ - DoorDash delivery couriers - for delivery. Orders are also available for pickup, enabling customers to order and pay their food in advance so they can skip the line.

Whether customers opt for delivery or pickup, restaurants only have to prepare the meals. DoorDash takes care of payment, delivery and tracking.

DoorDash also partners with restaurants that have their own delivery fleet. These restaurants enjoy a lower commission rate for fulfilling deliveries in-house, while benefiting from an increased level of visibility being on the DoorDash marketplace.


Registration and setup


If you want to sign up for DoorDash, there are a few steps you need to take:

  1. Share basic information about your restaurant on, such as your restaurant name, location, and phone number.

  2. Upload your menu.

  3. Set up your order protocol to receive DoorDash orders either by mail, fax, or tablet. If you choose to receive orders on a tablet via the Order Manager App, you can use either your own tablet, rent a DoorDash tablet, or use your existing POS tablet or device.

  4. A DoorDash team member will onboard you, giving you all the info you need to start receiving DoorDash orders.

According to the DoorDash FAQ section, the signup process usually takes around 3 to 5 business days. Once your restaurant has been onboarded, you’re ready for your first DoorDash order.


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Fees and payments


Joining the DoorDash Marketplace is free of charge, but like most other third-party food delivery services DoorDash does take a commission rate on all your restaurant orders placed via their app or website. Reportedly commission percentages can be anywhere between 10 and 25%, depending on:

  • whether your restaurant offers delivery or pickup

  • the number of restaurant locations

  • the country and/or area you are in

  • whether your restaurant has opted in to DashPass, a subscription service providing $0 delivery fees for 5+ million loyal DoorDash customers

  • many more variables

DoorDash doesn’t charge any activation fees or hidden costs. If you opt in to additional services such as a DoorDash tablet, menu photography or marketing promotions, fees may be applicable.

In any case, new DoorDash partners can sign up for a free trial, paying no commission or tablet fees for a specific amount of time.

When it comes to getting paid, DoorDash restaurant partners can either choose to receive a weekly deposit (on Thursdays), or opt for daily payouts at no charge. DoorDash always compensates restaurants for meals they have confirmed and prepared, even if the order gets cancelled by the customer.


Tips to perform well on DoorDash


With 340,000+ restaurants listed on the DoorDash platform, it’s important for your restaurant to perform well in order to stand out. While DoorDash doesn’t disclose its ranking criteria, it is very likely that a restaurant’s placement in the app is impacted by metrics like average delivery time, conversion rate, acceptance rate, and customer review score.

A few quick tips for successful delivery operations include:

  • Making sure your delivery or take-out dishes travel well. Thoroughly test your menu items before you make them available online, and ensure you use the right type of packaging.

  • Don’t be afraid to be selective and trim your online menu offering. You’ll only want to offer high-margin and best-selling dishes that work for delivery and which can be prepped to a certain degree in advance.

  • If you don’t use a POS integration, you’ll have to keep a close eye on incoming DoorDash orders, so you don’t miss them or create delays in the kitchen.


Integrate your DoorDash orders into your restaurant’s point-of-sale system

An all-in-one omni-channel solution like Deliverect integrates with third-party delivery services like DoorDash, connecting your DoorDash account to your existing POS. By integrating DoorDash to your point of sale, incoming orders are automatically transferred to your POS - and even automatically accepted if you choose so.

As a result, your restaurant staff doesn’t have to waste time punching in DoorDash orders and sending them to the kitchen. The automated process decreases your average delivery time, food prep time in the kitchen, and ultimately courier wait times - all of which are really important to rank high in DoorDash and to increase your customer satisfaction rate.


Join the DashPass program

If you want to make sure your restaurant receives prominent in-app placement, you can join DashPass, a subscription service that provides DoorDash customers with $0 delivery fees and reduced service fees when they order from DashPass partner restaurants.

If you sign up for DashPass partnership, your restaurant will get a branded checkmark next to its name, letting DashPass members know your restaurant is eligible for free delivery through the program. As a bonus, DashPass members on average spend more money and order more frequently. 

A 14-day trial of DashPass partnership is available at no charge for any DoorDash restaurant partner.


Opt for DoorDash promotional support

Finally, you can also improve your ranking in the DoorDash app by accessing a range of marketing promotions, such as “First order, $0 delivery”, “Order again and save”, “First order, 20% off”, or “Try me free”.

Promotions listed above help you to attract both first-time customers and loyal regulars, depending on what type of promotion you select, and get ranked high on their home screen.


We deliver with DoorDash


Partnering with DoorDash opens up new possibilities


Customers are ordering online more than ever. By teaming up with DoorDash Marketplace, your restaurant can grow its sales, reach more and new customers, and boost your restaurant's online presence. In exchange for a monthly commission fee, you will get access to a large number of resources and services offered by DoorDash, including technology development, marketing, and payment processing. Whether signing up with an external party for delivery is more suitable to your organization than launching your own delivery fleet, is entirely up to you.

February 22, 2021 by Deliverect

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