We haven’t even reached our third birthday and we have already achieved so many exciting milestones. Last week we reached 30 million orders processed across our 30 markets around the world. Now this week, we’ve announced our latest round of funding from DST Global Partners and Redpoint Ventures totalling $65 million in Series C.

Our existing investors OMERS, Newion, Smartfin along with myself and all co-founders (Jerome, Jelte and Jan), have continued investing in the company. Now, that calls for some take-out celebrations!


Committed to the restaurant industry


When we founded Deliverect in September 2018, we were four guys with a dream to be the first to help deliver a burger to the moon. While we may have been shooting for the stars, quite literally, our dream hasn’t changed much. 

Even back then, long before COVID and lockdown, we saw that restaurants needed technology solutions to help them better serve the changing habits of their customers. And we felt a strong commitment to providing those solutions without breaking their banks or overburdening them with complicated software. 

From day one, we have been rooted in our deep commitment to helping the food and hospitality industry succeed and also pivot. This latest funding round will help us further scale and help customers to go online even faster than before by providing them with reliable technology to easily manage digital orders (delivery, take-out, in-house dining apps).


The hospitality world is in a historical moment of change and digitalisation, and the delivery sector has become crucial for the survival of this industry. Whether you’re a local burger joint, a family restaurant that’s passed down recipes for generations, a popular chain that serves as the local office watering hole or a large FMCG providing the world’s groceries and essentials, we are here to help you easily manage and grow your business.


This funding is bigger than just Deliverect and our team. It’s about the restaurants who are surviving and thriving despite the challenges of COVID. I’ve been embedded in the restaurant industry from a young age, so I am acutely aware of the often-slim margins and the fundamental need to maintain superior customer service in order to stay afloat. 


30 million orders milestone


Another exciting milestone we’ve reached is having processed more than 30 million orders, equating to more than $1B in order value! And we’re continuing this pace, now averaging more than one million orders per week. That’s an increase of nearly 750% from April of last year! Our customers are seeing an average increase of 25 percent in revenue as well as 80 percent decrease in order failures (say goodbye to resending orders and lost revenue on refunds!). 


Our mission is to be the backbone of on-demand food and help businesses around the world focus on serving great food to their customers. This is a new category and we are proud to say we are the leading solution in the market.


Working with dark kitchens and restaurant chains, we are acting as a lifeline for more than 10,000 establishments around the world, supporting brands like Pret a Manger, Taco Bell, TimeOut Markets, Taqueria and Dishoom, as well as many mom-and-pop restaurants.


Ruth Christianson, owner, Maize Blaize: “We started delivery not that long ago prompted by the Coronavirus pandemic. I was really struggling to get in contact with Uber and Deliveroo and everyone was scrambling to get online. Then by chance, I found Square who introduced me to Deliverect, and then I was basically up online in a few days. Now what I can do with the integration between Square and Deliverect is manage it completely myself, see all our online orders in one place and have new menus up in 10 minutes. Having at least some kind of reporting system for our deliveries is amazing. It just makes my job a lot easier."


Join the rocket ship


Since our Series B in April 2020, our team of 50 astronauts, spread across Ghent, London, Madrid, Toronto and New York, has more than quadrupled to 200 strong and expanded into Dubai, Paris, Edinburgh, Mexico City and Amersfoort (Netherlands). This latest investment in our dream will support further R&D and product development, growing our presence in the US market and continuing to expand across the globe, including Latin America and the Middle East. 

That means, you guessed it, we’re hiring! We’re ambitious and we want you to join us as we conquer the galaxy. We value openness and transparency here and collaborate around how to reach solutions together, through innovative thinking and sharing our ideas openly. Our culture is very strong and we definitely want to keep it that way!


From the start, our goal was to be the first to deliver a burger to the moon, and to make this happen we are committed to helping our customers be as successful as they can be.


We’re making a bold play across the entire food tech industry, as it’s had to rapidly pivot to online delivery and ordering. Now, as many restaurant dine-in services across the globe begin to re-open, we’re helping enable growth and empower control for our customers.

Zhong Xu
April 22, 2021 by Zhong Xu

Co-founder & CEO of Deliverect, a global technology company integrating third-party food delivery services with restaurant POS and ERP systems.