We are happy to announce that Deliveroo is now supporting the menu management! In other words, Deliverect customers will now be able to add products to their Deliveroo menu themselves, making it possible to easily and instantly adjust and publish menus on this platform.


What has changed?

The Deliverect software integration pulls and pushes data from your POS system to your Deliveroo account and vice versa. However, up until this moment, Deliveroo didn’t support automatic menu syncing. Linking a menu from your point of sales with the Deliveroo platform through Deliverect therefore required a series of manual tasks, and signified a dependency on Deliveroo.

Today, this process has been simplified a great deal: our customers can now directly sync products from their POS system with Deliveroo through the Deliverect platform. There, the easy-to-use menu builder awaits!


The menu builder: a true time-saver

With our menu builder, restaurants can effortlessly add, remove and edit menu items, update product names and descriptions, and add pictures. They can then instantly push the menu live to third-party delivery services that support menu management, such as Uber Eats and now Deliveroo.

Because integrated menu management is so quick and easy, it facilitates testing new dishes, promotions and special offers. And if it so happens that you make a mistake, you wish to add a new menu item or remove a new dish that isn’t popular after all? Within seconds you can roll back your menu with Deliverect!




Do you want to get started with Deliveroo menu synchronization and do you need some assistance? Get in touch!

March 12, 2020 by Deliverect

Deliverect connects restaurant POS systems to delivery platforms and online ordering services, making online order management easy.