The average food delivery platform user will look at several online shops before making their decision. Needless to say, that means restaurants have to invest in their online menu so it’s clear, appealing and convincing. Ultimately, you need to make sure your menu is cleverly marketed and optimized for food delivery channels - luckily, a Deliverect subscription can put you on the right track!


Making your menu delivery platform friendly

First of all, let’s just go over the basics of setting up an online delivery menu. The competition on food ordering channels like Uber Eats,, Deliveroo and so on is tough, so getting your menu right is crucial in order to stay in the game.

Successful menus are typically between 15-20 items long, featuring clearly defined sections to make it easier for customers to browse through all options. When you’re creating your online menu, it’s therefore important to determine which dishes will stay, and which will go. For each dish or item, ask yourselves the following questions: 

- Does the dish travel well? 

- How long does it take before your food gets cold or soggy? 

- Can you make enough profit selling this dish online? 

Once you’ve decided on your menu, figure out what’s most important and organize the menu accordingly. Your best sellers should be at the top of the page. 

Optimize your food pictures

The next item on your menu checklist: pictures. You’ll be astonished to know that good quality pictures can increase your sales by 50%. Good photos create appetite and engagement. Bad and low-quality photos, however, can make your dish look bad and send sales plummeting.

Complete your menu with clear, concise descriptions. Don’t be afraid to personalize names of your dishes and use savory lines that’ll really draw the customer in. For example, what would you be inclined to order between “burger with beef, bacon, tomato and lettuce” and “Homemade Angus beef burger with crispy bacon, fresh tomato and tender Boston lettuce”?


Using the Deliverect menu builder to do online marketing

At Deliverect, we’re all about helping our customers manage online delivery in the most efficient, time-saving way. That’s why our solution comes with an easy-to-use menu builder, which makes it possible to adjust your menus for multiple channels and locations all at once, from one place.

One of our menu builder’s most-used features is that you can easily duplicate a menu. Imagine the following situation: you’re aware that your online store is especially popular with students between 8 and 9 PM. You can now duplicate your regular menu, adjust prices and include special combo deals on dishes popular among this audience, and then push this special menu live every day between 8 and 9.

Menu builder by DeliverectYou can even adjust the name of your dishes, personalising them to appeal even more to these younger customers. For instance, don’t underestimate the power of food emojis - just be careful with the eggplant one ;-) 

Using a similar scenario, you may want to publish a happy hour menu over a specific timespan and on certain days. The good news is: you’ll have to set this up once and everything will automatically run further on!


Test the waters and analyze

In the same way, a Deliverect account lets restaurants easily experiment with new menu items, descriptions, names and so on. Our reports allow you to analyze your sales, so you can define peak and off-peak periods. Use this data to lift your sales during calm times, for instance by playing with new dishes, lower prices, combo deals and promotions. And this works both ways: you can equally set prices a bit higher during your busiest opening hours. The beauty of it all - when you duplicate menus, it doesn’t take long to set them up or take them back offline in case the results aren’t satisfying.

Food in takeout boxes


Your menu options are endless

And why stop there? With our easy menu builder, there’s a range of possibilities just waiting to be explored:

- Play around with product availability and opening hours: if you want to sell surplus, make a limited-time menu where you sell this dish at a discounted price. You can also launch a “buy one, get one free” campaign with just a few clicks. Just change the type of product to ‘BOGOF’ and let Deliverect handle the rest!

- Use duplicate menus to reach new audiences at specific times of the day or days of the week

- Boost your menu with offerings other than food, like recipe books, special (homemade) ingredients, branded merchandise or kitchenware,… It’s your online shop and you make the call!

- Create different brands for the different delivery channels to speak to different audiences

Whichever direction you want your delivery menu marketing to go, Deliverect can help you manage it. Just ask us and we’ll be more than happy to help you strategize, implement and optimize! 🚀

September 23, 2019 by Deliverect

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