Easily manage your online food delivery channels

Say goodbye to manually retyping your order receipts from delivery platforms. We’ll send all your third-party online orders straight to your existing point-of-sale system and a receipt to your kitchen. Easy as pie! 🥧

Third-party delivery platforms
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Running your delivery platforms doesn't have to be hard

All your delivery orders in one place? Piece of cake with Deliverect!

Deliverect dashboard
Menu builder

Automatic integration of your third-party delivery channels and your POS

Deliverect sends all online ordering data from your delivery platform(s) straight to your POS system. Retyping order receipts? Don’t be nuts, leave the monkey work behind ;-)

An easy-to-use menu builder

Adjusting your menu, testing with new dishes or making an item unavailable because it’s out of stock: within just a few minutes your menu changes are live on the desired platform(s).

Measure your success with our reporting dashboard

Knowledge is power. That’s why we’ve included detailed reporting so you can analyze, optimize and grow your online sales channels like a boss.


Click & Collect: fast and easy online ordering

We provide an efficient online ordering system you can add to your own website. With our Click & Collect module, takeaway becomes as straightforward as ever!

We help our customers help their customers

Goiko Grill
Spain / Restaurant chain

"Since we started using Deliverect, our online orders are automated and we save a lot of time and increase efficiency."

Worldwide / Restaurant chain

"We believe that this partnership will allow us to focus on our core, which is serving the customer with the best chicken in the world, while we leave the technical aspects to the experts at Deliverect."

UK / Restaurant chain

“After integrating with Deliverect, our menu push is now seamless. We are able to update menu items, prices, titles of menus, order availability, and item availability in an instant.”

Deliverect numbers that matter

We're growing along with your business. Hop on board! 🚀

+21 million Orders processed
25% Average increase in revenue
48% Faster delivery time

Deliverect integrates your third-party delivery platforms

Leave it up to us to connect your restaurant POS system to third-party online ordering platforms like Uber Eats, Glovo, Deliveroo, Takeaway.com and so on. You’ll be amazed how much money and time you’ll save!

Multiple delivery channels

Receive orders from unlimited delivery channels

  • No more manual entries
  • Eliminate tablet hell
  • Easily add multiple platforms
POS integration

Orders are synced with your existing POS

  • Use your existing hardware & setup
  • Faster delivery
  • Auto-print in the kitchen

Manage, analyze & grow your delivery operation

  • Easy multi-location menu builder
  • Reporting of all your channels
  • Spot new business opportunities

Partner integrations


Deliverect offers connections with all the different platforms your business uses, from delivery platforms and point-of-sale systems to stock management software.

Discover all integrations
Omnichannel whitepaper 3D

Get your free ebook on the omnichannel strategy for restaurants

In this ebook, we explore the multitude of channels restaurants can use, and break down the key advantages and disadvantages of the omnichannel approach. Figure out the best way for your restaurant to use an omnichannel approach to improve your customer journey and increase sales.